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Keepass 2.46

Sync Keepass to Google Drive with KeePassSyncForDrive

KeePass Password Safe is a free and open-source password manager. I already wrotte a blog post 7 years ago about how to sync keepass to Google Drive. The howto is out of date, so I propose a new one :). This time, We’ll use the plugin KeePassSyncForDrive

1 / Plugin

Download the plugin : KeePassSyncForDrive

Copy & Paste the plugin file in the Keepass Folder :

Start KeePass, and go to Tools, to see the plugin

2 / Create a Google API Key

  • In API & Services, click on “Library

and activate the Google Drive API

  • Then go to “OAuth consent Scren“, create the app registration :
    • App Name : KeePass Sync Drive (for example)
    • user support mail : your mail
  • Next page, “Scopes“, add the following :
  • Next Page, In the test user, add your gmail account,
  • Then, save the configuration.
  • Now you can go to the “Credentials” Page
  • Click on “Create Credentials“, and select “OAuth Client ID
    • Application type : Desktop App
    • Name : What you want
  • Then, click on create

Keep your client ID & your Client Secret for the next step

3 / KeePass configuration

  • Create a new entry in KeePass with :
    • title : accounts.google.com
    • url : accounts.google.com
  • Now, navigate to “Tools“, “KeePass Sync for Google Drive” & Configure
  • Enter the following parameters :
    • KeePass Entry Title : accounts.google.com
    • Target Sync Folder : The folder of your choice, can be empty
    • Enable Legacy OAuth 2.0 Credentials : Yes
    • Client ID : Your Client ID
    • Client Secret : Your Client Secret
  • You can click on Upload to drive
  • A pop up asking your account will appear,
  • Allow Keepass to access your drive

You now have your KeePass database on Google Drive, and you can sync it :)

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  1. it almost work for me but I have got and access denied when I clicked upload.
    Even tough I created ID clients OAuth 2.0 and setup it.

    do you have any clue ?

  2. there is a solution to do that with KeePassDroid ?


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