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Forcepoint NGFW Massive licences import to SMC with API

The Forcepoint licensing process is heavy and not optimized … You’ve to go to the support site to recover your POS or POL number, then go to the licensing website, to register the device and download a JAR file, then you’ve to upload it on your SMC … Luckily, the API let you register devices directly from SMC :).

How to do that ?

First, you need to have the API activated on your SMC and smc-python installed on a remote server. Have a look to this blog post : Introduction to Forcepoint API & SMC-Python.

Then, you need to recover all your POS numbers on the forcepoint support website support.forcepoint.com


Finally, create a csv file with all your POS numbers :

And create & execute the script below :

The SMC will register the devices and repatriate every licence from the licensing website.


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