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Centreon 19.04 on the AWS Marketplace !

I published my first AMI (Amazon Machine Image) on the AWS Marketplace! This AMI is based on CentOs 7 OS, and I installed on Centreon 19.04.

This image is complete and ready to use. All extensions and widgets are installed, You only need to activate them, a multitude of plugins are available and the machine supervises itself.

 There are just a few parameters to change. The following below;)


Server Sizing

Depending on the number of hosts and services to be supervised, it will be necessary to choose the right type of server.
You will find on the Centreon website which type of server to choose according to the number of supervised objects.

Security group

TypeProtocolPort rangeOriginInbound / Outbound
Custom UDP ruleUDP1610.0.0.0/0Outbound
Custom UDP ruleUDP1620.0.0.0/0Inbound
HTTP / HTTPSTCP80 / 4430.0.0.0/0Inbound / Outbound
All ICMP – IPv40.0.0.0/0Inbound / Outbound
SMTP / SMTPSTCP25 / 4650.0.0.0/0Outbound



Change the password of the root account (using mysql_secure_installation for example). The password is: RootCentreon

It is also necessary to change the password of the user centeron, which is CentreonDB:
– Connect to MySQL
– Make an update password

It’s necessary to update the BDD connection password, for that, edit the file /etc/centreon/centreon.conf.php & conf.pm

$conf_centreon['hostCentreon'] = "localhost";
$conf_centreon['hostCentstorage'] = "localhost";
$conf_centreon['user'] = "centreon";
$conf_centreon['password'] = 'CentreonDB';
$conf_centreon['db'] = "centreon";
$conf_centreon['dbcstg'] = "centreon_storage";
$conf_centreon['port'] = "3306";
/* path to classes */
/* Centreon Path */


Centreon’s admin password is Admincentreon!


I advise you to configure Iptables with the same rules as the security group on AWS.

I’m waiting for your feedbacks;)

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