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Forcepoint NGFW Massive licences import to SMC with API

The Forcepoint licensing process is heavy and not optimized … You’ve to go to the support site to recover your POS or POL number, then go to the licensing website, to register the device and download a JAR file, then you’ve to upload it on your SMC … Luckily, the …

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Forcepoint : Deploy the SMC on AWS | Part III

Learn how to deploy the Forcepoint SMC & Log Server on AWS behind a NGFW Firewall with a VPC, in a public & private subnet and an Elastic IP

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Forcepoint : Deploy the SMC on AWS | Part II

In the first Howto Forcepoint : Deploy the SMC on AWS | Part I, we implement all prerequisitesIn the second part, we install all the components needed : the SMC & the Log Server, After what, we’ll do the configuration, in the third blog post. 2 / Installation We now …

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Forcepoint : Deploy the SMC on AWS | Part I

How to deploy Forcepoint SMC (Security Management Center) on AWS ? This is a good question. You’ve some document on forcepoint website, but it only explain how to install the SMC. In this howto, you’ll learn how to deploy a SMC behind a Forcepoint Firewall on a new AWS environnement.From …

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Investigate if your linux server has been hacked or not

We’re a lot to face intrusion attemps in our IS. There can be many interests for attackers, for example data theft, using your computing power … Most of the Hackers takes precaution while performing illegal activities and always try to hide themselves from being caught. Once the system is compromised …

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